Friday, October 15, 2010

Staying on Trend

Fever hit tonight and it's off to the hospital for a couple days of R & Rx.

Gearing up for a week of tests and appointments:
1 clinic visit (the other one will be canceled due to hospital stay)
1 surgery follow-up
1 CT scan
1 MIBG scan (specific to see neuroblastoma cells)
1 GFR (kidney scan)
1 Bone scan
1 Bone marrow biopsy

And as our life of flexibility goes, I only know on which day 2 items will occur and the times are yet to be set. But everything should happen this next week.

These tests/procedures will give the oncologists a more accurate map of William's progress. There is a chance William will have an additional round of chemo (round 7) before proceeding to the stem cell transplant if his bone marrow is not clear of cancer cells. His last biopsy, before surgery and round 6, showed one leg clean and one leg with a tiny amount of cells still remaining. His bone marrow must be completely clean for transplant. If he needs another round of chemo, it will set us back another month or so.


  1. Your car knows the way to the hospital, and the routine is familiar by now. We have been checking the blog to see when, not really if he'd be rehospitalized. You've all gotten good at predicting the way things go. I'm sorry that it goes that way, but by this time around, it is not a surprise. Sure wish Grandpa and I could come for the weekend-it is good to think of being together soon, when the outcomes of the tests are known.
    Loves to all-

  2. Are you getting dizzy from being on this merry-go-round yet? At least there is a small amount of predictability amongst such unpredictability. Sorry you're back in the hospital, but I hope it means that the 7am clinic visit is off the calendar now. I'll check in with you on Monday to see if you do, in fact, have anything scheduled for the week. In the meantime, feel free to call if I can do anything for your family. Tell William we are rooting for him!

  3. you are so increidble julie. i don't know what's more impressive... how you handle williams sickness and getting through it day to day with grace and wit and patience OR taking a toilet off the floor and snaking it!!
    all i can say is you ROCK. and it's an honor and totally inspirational to be your cousin. love you dearly, praying for you always.

  4. Julie and Ryan - Your life in the fast lane is really something. I enjoy reading your blog and keeping up w/ William's progress. We pray for all of you. Could you send me an email w/ your address. I keep loosing it. I talked to one of your sisters and I wrote it down, but the paper I wrote it on seemed to have disappeared. My email is I have something I want to send to the boys. Thanks so much. Nancy J.