Friday, October 22, 2010

Getaway Car!

In a stroke of rare rental car fortune, Ryan received a convertible Ford Mustang for a business trip to Napa this past week! (Obviously the above pictured car is not that car: Read on!) Clark, Cameron, Nathan, and Soren cruised the neighborhood and arrived to school in style the morning the car had to be returned. William was beyond excited to see the car and have a ride, but unfortunately he was still stuck in the hospital much longer than originally anticipated. He burst into tears when he heard the car had been returned. Luckily, Ryan is on good terms with his supervisor who drives a red, convertible BMW. It was easy to convince William this was way better than a Mustang. (Sorry to any Mustang lovers out there!) Thanks, Mary, for the best getaway car ever! What an adventure!

On Thursday afternoon, William finally headed home after a bone marrow biopsy and aspirate, full body bone scan, and audio-gram. The audio-gram showed moderate hearing loss in the high pitched tones. For instance, if there were high pitched birds chirping softly, he wouldn't hear it. So it's not bad, but a parent never wants to see their child suffer any sort of ill side effects. They will monitor him monthly or so and there is always a possibility it may not be permanent. On the bright side, maybe he will be a better father because he won't be able to hear the high pitched whining of his children! We will hopefully find out the rest of the test results on Monday when we see the doctors again.

Now we're enjoying some much needed family time since this weekend may be one of the few weekends we have left all together as a family for the next several months. And even after the transplant occurs, William won't be allowed out in crowds for 3-6 months.

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  1. As grandpa would say, "faaancy!" We're so glad you can be out having fun, whether in a convertible, or the family van, Will! Ryan, the beemer looks good on you!

    We're anxiously awaiting the plans for the next step, so we know when we get to be together again with you all. Much love!